How do I control my aqualink pool automation system manually?

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AquaLink RS or AquaLink PDA (metal power center)
1. Go to your AquaLink Power Center and open the door (if a plastic power center use the LCD Screen).
2. Put the system into TIME OUT mode by pushing the button on the left two times (from AUTO mode).
3. This will allow you to manually turn on (and turn off) most equipment you have on your pool pad such as the pump, heater, lights, spa, etc.

NOTE: When in service mode, your schedules will not run. Time out mode will go back to Auto mode after three hours, ensuring that normally scheduled features operate according to schedule. 

AquaLink Z4 (plastic power center)
For AquaLink Z4 systems, all features and settings can be adjusted through the digital control panel typically found on the front door of the power center.