Container Disposal Guidelines for Pool Chemicals (Lee County FL)

To ensure that containers that held chemicals used to maintain pool chemistry are being properly disposed of.  These containers which have held regulated materials must be empty by regulation prior to disposal. 

Triple Rinse Method

At the job-site where the content of the container is emptied please take the time to rinse the container out.  

  • Partially fill the container and rinse the water around and then pour the water back out into the pool.
  • Repeat this two more times, for a total of three rinses.
  • If the container is not to be used again puncture and leave the cap off once the triple rinse has been completed. 

After the triple rinse has been competed the container that held a hazardous material is empty and can be thrown out.

  • If the triple rinse of the container can not be completed at the job-site then the triple rinse will have the be completed and the rinse water collected in another container and properly disposed of.

Containers that are not properly rinsed pose a hazard to those around them.   hazard is to the garbage haulers and those that handle them at the solid waste disposal facilities.  Failure to properly empty and dispose of these containers violate hazardous waste rules. 

Customer Self Service at Business Location 

If self service is a process at your business location, please be aware of the potential problems that can occur.  Letting customer's dispense their own chemicals into their containers can have serious issues for the business.  Never let them rinse and then dump the water onto the ground at your facility.  This causes contamination to build up in the soils and causes surface water contamination when it rains. This is a violation of the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).

For Further information contact: Lee County Pollution Prevention Program at 239-533-8821