Hurricane Shutters

Don’t wait until the last second to find someone you trust to install your shutters in a time of need. We will install your shutters for a reasonable price(Priced Per Opening). All you need to do is give us a call ahead of the storm to let us know you would like your shutters up.

We've got you covered please fill out our contact form and will be in touch and add you to our current list of customers.

According to the National Hurricane Center you should put up your hurricane shutterswhen ahurricane watchis put in effect for your area. In other words, you should put your hurricane shutters up 48 hours before the storm starts.

Preparing your pool for a hurricane

Preparing your pool for a hurricane

Swimming Pool Hurricane Precautions – Before the Storm

People may ask, “Won’t the pool overflow if we don’t, at least, lower the water?” Yes it may, but no more so than if a patio or a plot of grass were there instead. Adequate drainage has most always been provided for in the design of the pool.

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