The Dolphin Difference

Maytronics has been committed to helping consumers reduce their carbon footprint while making pool ownership and maintenance effortless. 

Here are just a few reasons to add the Dolphin family to your sales team:


Save money

Dolphin pool cleaners are autonomous cleaning machines that are plug-and-play ready out of the box. They require no external equipment and reduce wear and tear on pool pumps and filters.


Energy saving

Robotic pool cleaners use an average of 180 watts, while traditional booster-pump cleaners use over 1,000 watts! That’s 82% less energy consumption with an average operating cost of five cents per hour.


Save time

With hectic schedules these days , the last thing we have time for is manually cleaning the pool. Dolphin pool cleaners do the work, so you get more quality pool time with friends and family.


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