Public Pool Regulation Changes in Florida

The State of Florida has changed some of the requirements for public swimming pools, including appropriate chemical ranges. Attached is the section of the code 64E-9 that changed. Please read it carefully to ensure future compliance. This change does come into effect immediately, and effects the entire state of Florida

For ease of compliance, some of the changes are as follows (this list is not all encompassing, please see the attached code):

  • pH range for all pools has changed to 7.0-7.8
  • Chlorine range for spas has changed 2-5ppm
    • Chlorine range for non-conventional pools not including spas is still 2-10ppm
    • Conventional pools is still 1-10ppm
  • Bromine ranges for all pools is now a max of 6ppm (1.5-6ppm for conventional, 3-6ppm for all other types of pools including spas)
  • Indoor conventional pools still 1-5ppm for chlorine and 1.5-6ppm for bromine.