Actions we're taking around the Coronavirus

Dear Valued Customers,

In light of what is going on with Covid-19, we wanted to let our customers know that we have a plan in place in the event the seriousness of the situation escalates and we find ourselves having to self-quarantine. We hope it doesn’t come to that, but we want to let our customers know that we will do our best to keep your pool chemically balanced in order to keep proper sanitization, minimize algae and to help prevent any waterborne illness.

We are taking a proactive step to this situation and treating it as we would if a hurricane were in our path. We will be keeping the chlorine in your pool a little high over the next few weeks to ensure no disease can be transmitted and that they are properly sanitized. (We do this anyway, so nothing new there other than a higher chlorine level!).

We will also be leaving 4-6 chlorine tablets in a ziplock bag by the pool equipment. These will only be used in the event we cannot make it to your property. If that’s the case, we will ask that you add 1 tablet to the chlorinator/skimmer basket every 5 days.

We are remaining optimistic that this virus will not affect our business, but again, we wanted a proactive plan in the event it does. As always, we will keep you updated if anything changes.

Additionally, in order to keep ourselves and our families healthy, please do the honorable thing and let us know if you are sick! We will do our best to keep your pool clean and maintained, but our health and our families are important too.

Stay healthy folks.


Jeffery S Dickens

Poolosophy, LLC